BOFC Legal & Special Notices (Public)
2022 Application for Absentee Ballot  Download
2022 Election Notice- English  Download
2022 Notice of Election - Spanish  Download
2022 Organizational Meeting  
2022 Schedule OF Board Meetings  Download
2023 Budget  Download
2023 Budget Hearing  Download
2023 Final Budget  Download
2023 Proposed Budget  Download
Special Meeting 4 23 2022  
Special Meeting 4 23 2022  Download
BOFC Legal & Special Notices - Previous Years (Public)
2022 Final Budget  Download
2022 Notice of Budget Hearing for 2022 Budget  Download
2022 Proposed Budget  Download
BOFC Meeting Minutes (Public)
072122_Abstract26  Download
072122_Abstract28  Download
072122_Abstract30  Download
072122_Meeting Minutes  Download
2021-0616 - Abstract 22  Download
2021-0616 - Abstract 24  Download
2021-0616_Meeting Mintues  Download
2022-0120-Abstracts  Download
2022-0120-Regular Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0217_Abstract6  Download
2022-0217_Abstract8  Download
2022-0217_Regular Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0319_Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0421 Abstract12  Download
2022-0421 Abstract14  Download
2022-0421 Abstract16  Download
2022-0421- Regular Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0421_Abstract10  Download
2022-0519_Abstract18  Download
2022-0519_Abstract20  Download
2022-0519_Regular Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0818_Abstract32  Download
2022-0818_Abstract34  Download
2022-0818_Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-0915_Abstract  Download
2022-0915_Meeting Minutes  Download
2022-1020- Meeting Mintues  Download
2022-1020-Abstract44  Download
2022-1020-Abstract46  Download
BOFC Meeting Minutes - Previous Years (Public)
2021-111821 Abstract 44  Download
2021-111821 Abstract 46  Download
2021-111821 Executive Meeting Minutes  Download
2021-111821 Regular Meeting  Download
2021-121622-Abstracts  Download
2021-121622-Regular Meeting Minutes  Download

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