The Point Lookout - Lido Volunteer Fire Department primarily provides Fire and EMS coverage to the barrier beach communities of Point Lookout and Lido Beach as well as the Loop State Parkway.

The Department was organized in August 1931 originally as the Point Lookout Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Over the years we have grown into 5 companies that operate as the Department. Action Engine Company #1, Renegade H & L Company #2, Lido Engine 1, First Aid and Rescue Company and Fire Police Company.

Thank you to Bill Bennet for the photography on this site. We are very grateful for your work.





5/30/2023    MATLOCK ST   Ambulance
5/29/2023    LIDO BLVD   Ambulance
5/29/2023    LIDO BLVD   Ambulance
5/29/2023    DONNA LN   Ambulance
5/27/2023    INWOOD AVE   Ambulance
5/27/2023    LIDO BLVD   Ambulance
5/23/2023    LIDO BLVD   Ambulance
5/22/2023    LIDO BLVD   Ambulance - Signal 91
5/22/2023    REGENT DR   Ambulance
5/21/2023    RICHMOND RD   Ambulance