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Small Appliances

Appliances throughout your home should be cleared of dust and grime that has collected on both the units and their electrical cords. Grease should be removed from the outside of kitchen appliances with a slightly damp rag. The grease pan underneath the toaster oven should be cleaned.

Electrical Cords

Check the cords of your washer and dryer units, television, stereo system, computer and small appliances such as the coffee pot, microwave and toaster oven. The cords should not be frayed, split or bare and should be unplugged and wiped clean with a dry cloth. Any frayed, split or bare electrical cords that you find while cleaning should be repaired or replaced to avoid the danger of electrical fires. Systems such as stereos, computers and televisions, which have multiple electrical cords, should be connected through a power strip with a circuit breaker protector to avoid overloading a single electric outlet. Make sure that cords are placed at least 2-3" away from the wall and are not run underneath rugs.
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Following these spring cleaning tips will help reduce fire hazards in your home by removing the dust and grime that can act as sources of ignition for a fire. By taking steps toward fire prevention, lives can be saved.