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Town of Hempstead Firematics Awards

Town of Hempstead Firematics Awards

Hempstead, NY - Hempstead Town Supervisor Kate Murray and members of the Town Board honored local volunteer first responders at Hempstead Town Hall’s Nathan L. H. Bennett Pavilion during a special ceremony held on October 17th. Point Lookout-Lido Fire Department Ex-Captain Steven Weitz was among the select group of individuals awarded the Town’s Firematic Medal for their courage and service to their communities and dedication to protecting neighbors.

“Tonight, I am proud to stand among a group of Hempstead Town’s bravest as we salute the courageous and caring individuals who volunteer their time and efforts to protect our communities,” Murray said. “No matter the time of day, or the conditions presented to them, these brave men and women are at the ready, even at the most harrowing moments, to care for their fellow citizens.”

On July 12, at approximately 9:10am, an incident occurred inside the Headquarters of the Point Lookout-Lido Fire Department involving the sudden collapse of one of the department’s active members. While waiting to speak to the firefighter, Ex-Captain Steven Weitz was on the phone and standing right next to him when the firefighter collapsed from an unknown cause. On the other end of the call was Ex-Captain Warren Jaffe. Ex-Captain Weitz, who is also a NY State Certified Critical-Care Level Emergency Medical Technician, notified Ex-Captain Jaffe of the situation and immediately sprung into action.

As the 911 call was dispatched, the firefighter was unconscious and did not appear to have a pulse. Ex-Captain Weitz began CPR and administered an electronic shock through an Automated Electronic Defibrillator (AED), while Ex-Captain Jaffe and other responding department members arrived. The firefighter was revived, regained consciousness, stabilized and transported to South Nassau Communities Hospital for further treatment and observation. Thanks to the quick actions of Ex-Captain Weitz, he has recovered and is doing well.

“Heroes rise to the occasion, especially in times of adversity” Murray said. “There were no flames involved in this rescue, yet one could certainly feel the heat of this emergency situation. But, Steven remained cool under fire, and saved the life of a brother firefighter. We are proud to present Ex-Captain Steven Weitz with this Town of Hempstead Firematic Award.”

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